Sound Design



 It’s an open project, recorded from various elements.

At the moment the library contains: 
4 main instruments recorded in Stereo
2 Instruments recorded in Quad Surround Mode
1 Multi instruments



Each Instrument has different stuff, keyswitches combination and layers.
All Keyswitches, Layers, Patches and infos are available in my simple Manual

Recorded from a tube covered with plastic.
Its sounds amazing, great low frequencies, and it can 
be used by composer to create bizarre percussions, and by sound-designers to reproduce turmoil, explosions,underwater fx, etc
This one is also recorded in quad surround





Recorded from common objects used for cooking, streched and quantized, loops sound really great, and it can be really useful for ethnic and soundtrack percussion.






Recorded by hitting a quilt, using sticks and hands.
Loops are really huge, a big sound with a great stereo image.
Really nice for soundtrack and ethnic, it can be super amazing in combination with Kitchen Hell






Recorded by hitting a guitar with hands, and playing it with bow. It sounds really creepy and mad, useful for Horror movies and sound design.
This one is also recorded in quad surround